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Jelle And Pedro Soos

Pedro SOOS & Jelle SOOS

Pedro SOOS and Jelle SOOS are close friends but they're not related; so why the SOOS suffix? Nine Mag met up with the pair at Liverpool Tattoo Convention to discuss their work, their influences, their individual creative journeys, the power of MySpace and their not-so-secret, secret society.
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Skyn Yard Paint Night

Like Nine Mag’s cover? Then you’re sure to like this feature. The piece was just one of the gems created at a mandala painting workshop hosted by Bert Thomas at Skyn Yard.Traditionally spiritual diagrams used by Buddhists and Hindus as aids to meditation, mandalas are symbols which Bert is particularly skilled at painting and Nine Mag were lucky enough to be among a few invited to watch him demonstrate. After, in an atmosphere buzzing with creative energy, guests including resident tattooists Phillip Yarnell and Charlie Coppolo as well as Hugh Sheldon of No Regrets and Luke Jinks of One Shot Charlies all shared their individual techniques, talked tattoos and chatted to Nine Mag about their work.
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Hustle Butter Deluxe

We are sure by now you will have heard of this guy or if not certainly his product but we didn’t really know who he was or where he came from. When we found out that he was going to be doing a little bit of promotional footage at the studio it made sense to dig a bit deeper into the man that is “Richie Bulldog”. A top bloke with a passion for tattoos that can’t be denied.
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Taylor Made Rotaries

I hadn’t heard of Wayne Taylor before the first issue of Nine Mag, but I was lucky enough to be introduced to his machines by Bert Thomas while we were down visiting him at Skyn Yard.I had seen a few other rotaries with a similar concept before, but after speaking to more tattooers about these machines, it became apparent that Wayne was a different kind of machine builder. This is a guy who genuinely cares about what he is doing and makes sure that everything he does is done to the absolute best of his ability, a man with a passion for his work and craft. I went away after my visit feeling inspired that there are some non-tattooers in the industry that care so much about improving on what is out there.
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Swansea Tattoo Co. Paint Night

I had the pleasure of visiting The Swansea Tattoo Co. for a painting evening conducted by Lee Hadfield. I have met Lee once before and just like the first time he was on top form.This feature is broken down into two parts, an interview with Lee and an article on the night with some feedback from the guys involved. Studios are not something that usually need to be featured in magazines but Swansea is the exception to the rule and you will see why...
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A few of us were more than keen to say the least (and just a tad excited perhaps) to take a trip to London to interview the artist Alex ‘Kofuu’ Reinke AKA Horikitsune. On arrival, we were welcomed into his private London studio and home, with its authentic Japanese feel.Alex is for me, one of the best Japanese artists working in the UK, and after listening to him talk in depth about his work and his dedication to Japanese tattooing culture and the lifestyle that he has adopted around it, we think that this insightful and honest interview is sure to inspire our readers regardless of what style of tattoos you are into.
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Philip Munoz

I first came across Philips work on the Ink Butter Blog and was interested to find out what it was that inspired him to paint women with tattoos. As soon as I saw that he was just down the road in Bristol I decided to get in touch and go to see his studio and how he spent his days.
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