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Celine Paris Convention

Céline – An inspired journey

From the moment I saw pictures of Céline, I knew that I had to find out more about her tattoo journey. I would come to appreciate just where Céline, a talented photographer of heavily tattooed people herself, had come from and where she was headed with Guy le tatooer. Every one of the many decisions making up her bodysuit are carefully considered and the tattoos have evolved parallel to her relationship with Guy.
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Eva Jean

Eva Jean – 13 years in the making

When I first got in touch with Eva, I was struck by the attitude of an artist who constantly wants to better herself and treats the craft of tattooing with the respect that it deserves. An artist who draws from hugely varied sources of inspiration to create custom tattoos for her clients. I was keen to know more about the experience of working at two studio's, 1,000 miles apart. One of these being Allegory arts in Florence AL, which she'd set up with husband Ulysses Blair.
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Bristol Tattoo Convention

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2016 in pictures

This weekend the Bristol tattoo convention came and went for another year. Run by some of the most passionate people in UK tattooing, and boasting a huge amount of talented artists from around the world, it's fast becoming one of the conventions to go to. We popped down for the Sunday and took some pictures.
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