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Piercing Points

Put two piercers in a room together and very soon you’ll hear them putting the piercing world to rights. We rounded up two such candidates, Ash Don Butcher and Jake Thomas, and let them loose to discuss today’s piercing industry. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
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Southshore Adornments

Fed up of poor quality piercing jewellery? Want something completely unique? Meet Andy Dunn the former butcher who turned passion into profit after starting up a back garden business making organic jewellery.
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Quentin Inglis

After meeting Quentin at the Brighton tattoo convention earlier this year, I felt it essential that I had another chance to talk in more depth with this 20 year veteran of the industry. World recognised and loved by many, Quentin’s diathermic branding is second to none, fresh and healed. Get comfy, it’s a long one...
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