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Tattoos By Mike Stockings

Mike Stockings

We were lucky enough to have Mike visit and tattoo in the studio, so I caught up with him for a quick interview. For such a young guy he has achieved a lot and is progressing quickly with both his work and his studio. I met Mike a year or so ago, but this was the first time that we were able to delve into his career a little deeper and talk more about how he has come so far so quickly.
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Needles and Sins

Marisa Kakoulas is the founder of the popular Needles and Sins tattoo blog as well as being a lawyer. As regular readers of the blog, Marisa’s interesting mix of occupations intrigued us here at Nine Mag, so we got in touch to find out more about her career.
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Duncan X

What can I say? Duncan X is one of a kind. From his early days in his band to becoming an Icon in British tattooing, it was an honor to interview such a character. As I waited with George for him to finish up his tattoo so we could set up, I really didn’t know what to expect but I was sure it was going to be interesting - and I wasn’t let down.
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Martin McIver

This issue I decided to take a look at other areas of tattooing and see what some of the people that are not tattooing do to contribute to the tattoo community. This time it was Martin McGiver, organiser of Tattoo Tea Party, The Galway Tattoo convention and Tattoo TV. A man with a deep interest in tattoos tells us what motivates him to work in tattooing.
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Celine Paris Convention

Céline – An inspired journey

From the moment I saw pictures of Céline, I knew that I had to find out more about her tattoo journey. I would come to appreciate just where Céline, a talented photographer of heavily tattooed people herself, had come from and where she was headed with Guy le tatooer. Every one of the many decisions making up her bodysuit are carefully considered and the tattoos have evolved parallel to her relationship with Guy.
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Eva Jean

Eva Jean – 13 years in the making

When I first got in touch with Eva, I was struck by the attitude of an artist who constantly wants to better herself and treats the craft of tattooing with the respect that it deserves. An artist who draws from hugely varied sources of inspiration to create custom tattoos for her clients. I was keen to know more about the experience of working at two studio's, 1,000 miles apart. One of these being Allegory arts in Florence AL, which she'd set up with husband Ulysses Blair.
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Rotary Works

Meeting Dale and Iain was a real pleasure, two quality guys who are really passionate about what they do. Rotary Works are a great small machine company doing a quality product at a fair price which something we really like to promote and for such a small company they are building a very diverse range of products.
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We jumped on the chance to have Alboy interview Stizzo when he went to do a guest spot at Cloak and Dagger, London, after the London Tattoo Convention. Renowned the world over for his style, we couldn't miss such an opportunity. It was great to find out more about his background and how his style developed.
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Tutti Serra

I first met Tutti when he did our Xam interview for issue one, and after that, I began to become more and more interested in his work. This led me towards Black Garden, which is - in my opinion - one of the best up and coming studios in the UK. There are very few new studios that can boast the talent that Black Garden do and it was great to have Tutti’s fellow tattooist and colleague Rodrigo conducting the interview as I got a real insight into how they got to where they are today.
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Jelle And Pedro Soos

Pedro SOOS & Jelle SOOS

Pedro SOOS and Jelle SOOS are close friends but they're not related; so why the SOOS suffix? Nine Mag met up with the pair at Liverpool Tattoo Convention to discuss their work, their influences, their individual creative journeys, the power of MySpace and their not-so-secret, secret society.
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