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Lucky Suppy Tattoo Museum

Lucky Supply Tattoo Museum

Back in 2014, on a trip to Orlando, I discovered we weren't far from the legendary Lucky Supply Tattoo Museum. They were so welcoming and friendly, I couldn't wait to go back. This time, they agreed to show us around the warehouses, pulling back the curtain on their production process, all the while surrounded by years of tattoo history.Lucky Supply is a family owned and operated tattoo supplier established in 2000 by Jimmy Whitlock. Lucky's has a strong passion for the highest quality products, with most products manufactured in-house or produced by a tight-knit group of tattooers. Jimmy and his team create some of the best equipment available, machining parts for your favourite builders, including Bert Krak, Aaron Cain and many other massive names. Having witnessed the process first hand, it’s clear that attention to detail is of paramount importance.
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