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Southshore Adornments

Fed up of poor quality piercing jewellery? Want something completely unique? Meet Andy Dunn the former butcher who turned passion into profit after starting up a back garden business making organic jewellery.
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A Sign of the Times

The best part of our job here at Nine Mag is being able to meet so many talented people from tattooists and piercers to machine builders. But in this issue we took a break from the world of tattooing to discover the equally skilled art of signwriting.
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A few of us were more than keen to say the least (and just a tad excited perhaps) to take a trip to London to interview the artist Alex ‘Kofuu’ Reinke AKA Horikitsune. On arrival, we were welcomed into his private London studio and home, with its authentic Japanese feel.Alex is for me, one of the best Japanese artists working in the UK, and after listening to him talk in depth about his work and his dedication to Japanese tattooing culture and the lifestyle that he has adopted around it, we think that this insightful and honest interview is sure to inspire our readers regardless of what style of tattoos you are into.
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Health Issues

We at Nine Mag are on a mission to help you guys find meaningful, reliable, clear information and links to useful guidance that complies with good practice frameworks. With this in mind we have established a working relationship with the very helpful health & safety people from Health England and the Environmental Health, with whom we will be working with long term each issue to support our readers and signpost the way to the information you guys need to know, without you having to trawl your way through endless health acts to get to it and giving up the will to live along the way.
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Tattoo Conventions

Conventions, conventions… To me to be a tattooist and not attending them is like playing in a band, recording an album and not going on tour to promote it. We all like them… I like them a lot but…
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Quentin Inglis

After meeting Quentin at the Brighton tattoo convention earlier this year, I felt it essential that I had another chance to talk in more depth with this 20 year veteran of the industry. World recognised and loved by many, Quentin’s diathermic branding is second to none, fresh and healed. Get comfy, it’s a long one...
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Philip Munoz

I first came across Philips work on the Ink Butter Blog and was interested to find out what it was that inspired him to paint women with tattoos. As soon as I saw that he was just down the road in Bristol I decided to get in touch and go to see his studio and how he spent his days.
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Dale Sarok

We spoke with Dale Sarok who recently finished his apprenticeship. His work speaks for itself. We caught up with him to find out about his journey into tattooing and give you a look at some of his painting.
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