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Revolution Needles

Revolution Needles

We are taking a look at Revolution Needles. This is a company that has only been around for a short amount of time but seems to be building a strong following.

Words – Annie Griffin
Photography – Rich Luxton

Revolution Needles is the result of two years of investigating the best steel, tapers and factories. The studies on product development, tapers, finishing and materials are conducted by Pedro Dias and a large group of tattoo artists who all work in different styles. This was to ensure that the needles are suitable for all artists, regardless of the style they work in.

We picked up a few boxes of Revolution Needles from their UK distributor, Barber DTS, and tried them out. One of the first things that struck us was that they were more expensive than most needles. But how many needles have you thrown away because of inconsistencies? We were surprised that there was no wastage from the boxes we picked up at all. I also have to note that these needles come in at half the cost of some of the other big brand companies that are catering for the high end. So far so good…

Two of the features of this company that stood out to us were their high level of customer support and the amount of technical information that they make available for their customers. Their website offers full support for all customers and information on the wide number of combinations available.

All in all our opinion is that these needles are pretty good value for the quality, but with so many options around you will have to make up your own mind.

This is what some of their customers had to say about them:

Jason Ball of Jink Tattoo in Cumbria found Revolution needles ‘awesome’ to use. ‘I can’t fault them, they may be more expensive than other brands, but they are worth it. The quality of needles is very important, 200% important to me, and these needles do exactly what you want. I have and will recommend them.’

Simon Caves of The Country Gent in Huddersfield found that the tapered  Revolution needles worked well for him when doing black and grey as well as colour. ‘They’re a good all-rounder and are consistent. I would recommend them.’

You can buy Revolution Needles from Barber DTS.