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Skulls Snakes & The Flower Of Death

Skulls Snakes & the Flower of Death

Joao Bosco was kind enough to send us a copy of his new book, Skulls Snakes and the Flower of Death. Here we take a look at this latest publication in a little more detail.

“Through art we can understand our deepest fears, our morals, our mission on the universe or rather the lack thereof.”

Beautifully presented in a collectors box, Brazilian tattoo wizard and world traveller Joao Bosco takes on a journey through some of his favourite imagery to tattoo and what it means to his self-proclaimed fantasy style. Recognisable in an instant, Joao’s work is a menagerie of Japanese, Western, traditional and realistic styles that flows on the body like no other.

Joao explains in vivid detail how the cover of a Conan comic lit a fire within him that would put him on a path to the artist he is today. It was a religious experience and his words are echoed within the 140+ drawings contained inside.

The designs inside are an invaluable reference for any tattooer. Joao showcases the beauty of the titular flower in ways you won’t have considered before. A particular highlight are the full body imaginings, meshing all the subjects into wonderfully composed large-scale pieces. It’s often this composition the is most impressive about Joao’s work and your eye notices new details each time you look. Considering the book contains 3 of the most design elements in tattooing, it’s a testament to Joao’s creative talent that he’s able to push the boundaries of their utilisation, page after page.

To celebrate the launch of the book, Joao collaborated with production company Autobahn to create this stunning short film which encapsulates the tone of the book exquisitely. We highly recommend you dim the lights and take a few minutes to be immersed.

Thanks to Joao Bosco and Mona Samari for sending us a copy of the book to review. Below you can find some photos from the book launch party.

To purchase Skulls Snakes and the Flower of Death, visit publisher Tiger Sword

James McCauley

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